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    Weifang Auspiciousness Economic Commerce Co., Ltd. is a multiple industrial chain enterprise with more than 10 years export experience.
    Our main products include ship (tug boat, yacht, passenger boat, etc.); dredging equipments (cutter suction dredger, jet suction dredger, chain bucket dredger, mud drag, mini river dredger sand pump dredger, sand washing machine, gold dredge, submersible pump dredger, self-unloading dredger, weeds mowing harvester etc.), Rubber series products (rubber pipeline, rubber hose, self-floating rubber pipe);PE series products (HDPE dredging floater, HDPE dredging pipe, warming buoy, PE dock), SIC series products (SIC roller, SIC pipe, SISIC beam, SISIC plate, SIC Flue Gas Desulfurization nozzle , SIC tube, SIC Cyclone linings etc. ), Amphibious excavator series (Amphibious pontoon, amphibious excavator with hydraulic sand pump) , chemicals etc. [More]
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